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You Said What?

Jesus Christ .. The creator of the world? Could it have been Jesus Christ and not God every time God speaks in the OT? I am going to research this theory. Many believe God and Jesus are one in the same and others believe they are two different beings. So what do you believe? Is Father, Son and Holy Ghost one in the same? My thought used to be yes but as of right now I am not sure. I do believe that God is the Father and Jesus is the son of God along with being the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. At the end of the day it really does not matter who is right and who is wrong. What matters is that you have a relationship with God and His son Christ Jesus.

So feel free to leave comments. I really want to know your thoughts!


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Note to the reader. I am in no way, shape or form starting  a new religion. This is just thoughts and may be a personal view.

There is a lot to think about in the study of Christian Theology. The Bible that we have today is made up of 66 books. OT which has The Tora,  Minor and Major Prophets and the writings from Proverbs and Pslams. Then the NT has the gospels, the writings of Paul and The book of Revelation. Many people do not know that this is called the canon which means that the Bible flows well and only has books that the called people of God felt were correct.

Well there are other books that didnt make the cut. One of the books talks about Jesus being married. I dont remember which book but i will research and get back to you all. I say that to say this. Maybe there are things God didnt want us to know. There could be many reasons. I mean we do not know everything but we sure can Google it. What Google can not help us with is to decided what to believe.

Now i leave this for you to think about. There are people that say Jesus Christ is not real because of all the other religions have the same set up like December 25th, dead 3 days then brought back to life and titles of a savior just to name a few. Maybe. Just maybe this is due to ôpening up to the concept of Jesus so people would be able to understand the gospel. Feel free to comment. There will be more added in the future….

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Randomness of Doom!

The Bible. The infallible word of God. How can it be infallible if it was written by men? I get it that it is inspired by God which makes it such. Please don’t get me wrong! I believe in God. Look at the human body or even the planets. How they are placed perfectly right where they need to be. See how I worded that. I’m trying to avoid a battle about terminology here.

So, where did God come from? The Bible really does not say as far as I know. On the Mormon side of things there is a back story. I am not going to say that the Mormons are 110% correct or that they have fallen off the map. I’m just saying that at least they have a understanding about the creation of God. I have been trying to grasp the whole God, Jesus ,Satan connection. I mean who is to say that Jesus and Satan are or are not brothers? From what I have seen online the story goes as followed.

One day the gods decided to create a place for their children to go to learn the difference between good and evil. There was a debate about who would be the savior of the earth. Satan says “I will be the savior of the world, send me and I will force them to be gods’. Jesus responds with “Father, send me to the earth and give them free will (or Agency) to decide what they will do”. So the gods picked Jesus thus Satan convinced one third of the children to follow him and were cast out.

This info was taken from a video on YouTube that is well known as “The Banned Mormon Cartoon” produced by Jeremiah Films. They say that they received their information from Mormon publications of old. I am not sure how much of it is truth about what Mormons believe. What I do know is the part of the video I wrote about in the last paragraph gives more clues or even parts to the puzzle. The creation story and the telling of the fall of Satan. The Bible states that there was a war but a war over what? Well it does not say but again the Mormons have a back story.

To the people that are Mormon and are reading this blog please step in and help me to understand what is Mormon theology and what is plainly BS. I will post the link to the “Banned” video at the end for you to watch. I am not here to start fights or anything. I am just a man that is trying to understand more about the one true God. What I hate about learning the teachings of the LDS is that I read The Book of Mormon. Then I go to research about Joseph Smith and the church history. I find a lot of religious bashing. The LDS side does not go into the whole history of Mr. Smith but the countless anit-Mormon pages have many negative things to say about history of him and the church.

Most of what they find are in publications but not in the Book of Mormon. Things like Joseph Smith believed that he was better than Jesus or people can not have the saving grace of Jesus Christ with out the permission of Joseph Smith. If this is true that the LDS believe this as doctrine then count me out. What I have heard from friends of mine is that Joseph Smith is important and will be at the finial judgment along with every single prophet of God.

Was Joseph Smith crazy? Who knows. What I do know is that God can and will use anyone he decides to. Noah was a drunk. The fisherman Jesus called to be His Disciples were not educated, Peter was a tax collector and Paul was a hunter of Christians! So people get stuck on the restoration of the church and that there can be no present day prophet. Why? Because God could only talk to His people back then? God is alive today so why can there not be a modern day prophet? Side note. Mormons have a modern day profit that lives right now! Google it.

Yes I know that what I just touched on can be made into many other blogs. I plan to write about those and other topics in the Book of Stevo. Much of what I write in my blogs will be presented in some way in my book. So pray and or send positive vibes for me as I take on this long journey of my life. I am stoked that have decided to read this and to some what take this journey with me! I welcome comments and questions. Feel free to check out my YouTube and FaceBook pages!






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Mormon and I Know It

Should I jump right into a topic or just blog? I asked myself this a few minutes before I started to write. This answer is…. IDK. That’s right I will say what ever i want and how ever i want. If you don’t like it you can move on. So I am learning a lot about the Mormon faith right now. I am a baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or just plain old LDS and NOT LSD like some people like to joke about.

I have been a member for over a year now. I was active for the first 5 months of membership. Then I moved to Portland for about 4 months. The place of worship and meeting AKA Ward(s) I visited were nothing like the Ward i was apart of in Southern Oregon. So I decided to go to other churches if i went to church. Then I moved back to Southern Oregon in November and went back to my old Assembly of God church. I was there until the first part of March. Something in my personal life came up and a friend of my wife’s that is active and serves in an office of the church contacted me wanting to make sure we were ok. This opened us up to return to the Ward were lived in.

Since returning to the LDS church I have been very active in reading more. I read a book of the Old and New Testament and a book in The Book of Mormon at least 5 days a week. This is not like me. At best I would read The Bible only at church or one scripture here or there. To be honest I have been doing my home work as well. I have been researching BOTH sides of LDS. People like to just go with the negative side and not really focus on the positive side of LDS. So I am going to talk about the positive side for a change.

I think I will start with the FACT that they don’t only talk the talk but they also walk the walk. They care about people. They reach out to members and help them with their needs. They pay their tithes. They have fast offerings. This is a unique thing by the way, A Fast Offering is the amount of the cost of the meal you would of had. The offering is put back into the church for the Bishop to delegate to local food banks and to help members of the church. I believe ALL churches should have a system like this!

Mormons also have a positive view on relationships and family, They have what is called Family Home Evenings which is one day a week normally on a Monday where the whole family house hold comes together and spends time with each other. No cell phones or distractions. This can be anything like dinner, a movie, games or going to the movies.

Well, I feel that this is a good place to end my first blog. Feel free to ask me questions and leave your comments! I really do not like HATE messages all tho I will keep them up just to show that their are people in this world that have nothing better to do. I leave you with a quote from friend of mine.

“The gospel is true BUT people can be stupid”