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History Repeats Itself

I have been watching the 3 part History Channel documentary called “Who Was Jesus” on Netflix. In this documentary it breaks down the life style in those times along with how people looked and acted.

Toward the end of the second part of this documentary, it speaks of Jesus really preached and spent time with people that were not rich. I have always been taught this but something clicked with me. The way the Roman Empire had control on the poor is a lot like the world today.

There is an episode of South Park where Kyle’s dad tells him there are two different types of people, “gods and clods”. As funny as it sounds this is true. The people that control the world are like gods compared to poor low class people.

Jesus did come to reach the poor and tell them that they are the ones that would inherit the Kingdom of God or Heaven. The poor of that day were working and giving money and items to the upper class and powerful. The Kings and High Priests lived well off of the poor workers.

All of this sounds failure doesn’t it? Corporations have lower to mid class people working for them to be where they are. These corporations seem to be connected to higher people. I will blog about this topic another time.

SO I think it is kind of funny that history repeats itself. One of the ways this is proven is the fads that are popular in one decade come back later on. Music for example. The guitar solos from rock and metal bands of the 70s-80s has shown its self once more along with clothing styles.

So the next time you think you need to have a lot of things to be important or successful remember that God wants you just the way you are. You don’t need stuff. I am so preaching to myself on this one. If you don’t believe me, ask my wife.

My next blog will be about the opposite of Good. I will be talking about the so called evils that were in this time all the way to RIGHT NOW….. No evil now? Do you watch the news?

I hope you get something out of my blogs. Feel free to contact me. Please comment positive and negative fed back. I welcome it!





There have been a lot of changes in life including my views on Christian Theology. I have been living day-to-day trying to figure out my life and what God has for me. My good friends Jeremy and Jessica were English teachers in South Korea for two years. They are now back in the state and came to visit. It was so good to see them again. Jeremy has been my main sounding board for Christianity and to have a good heart to heart in person was great. We talked about LDS, faith and God.

Since this conversation I have been wanting to read more and research topics more. So starting today I will be working more on The Book of Stevo. If it is nothing more than a blog I am ok with it. I just want to document my thoughts and what I am going through because I know that people question their walk of life or even their faith. Even if they say they don’t, I know deep down they have at some point if not daily.

So, 2013 is the year I will be doing a lot of blogging. I am also a producer of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and go by the name Stevayo. I will like this blog site to my music pages. I hope that anyone that reads my blogs would also check out my music pages!