Are Sports Rivalries Worth It?

I have a picture of me on my first birthday with my mother holding me up. In this picture I had on a Oklahoma Sooners shirt jersey. I was born and raised a Sooner. Also growing up I was raised a Dallas Cowboy’s fan. So football was in my upbringing. My mother and grandma raised me and my dad was not in the picture until around 1996. So that is another chapter and for another time. My love for other sports came about around 1993 when I started playing soccer, baseball and hockey with friends.

Rivalry is something I have always pondered about when it comes to sports. I know the rivalry makes for a better season for the sports fan. Other than playoffs and championships I believe that the anticipation of the rivalry games are what keep the fans excited about their sports and teams. So I want to know something. Is the rivalry thing worth the BS that comes from it? What do I mean? Let me explain. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I am sure you all have heard this quote and in sports it is true. Feelings and friendships get hurt over rivalries a lot. How? Well if you really need to ask this then you are not a true sports fan. You may watch or even play sports but you just don’t understand it! Why do you even bother watching sports? You are a disgrace to sports, the players and fellow fans.

Now that you are feeling hurt and disrespected I can continue to make my point. So many fans bash each other’s teams.  This is healthy to an extent. To bash teams you do not like is your God given right. Yes, that’s right it is. You can even slam them in front of your friends or other fans. When you keep it up after you are well aware it pisses the other persons off is just wrong. Growing up I had a small core of sports buddies. We gave each other a lot of crap even if we really did like the player or team we dissed it was fun to get the reaction we were looking for. Sometimes we went too far and somewhere down the line it came to the point where this band of brothers broke apart. Most of it was due to the arguments but it also came down to life getting in the way.

I regret that I didn’t respect my friends and fellow sports fans when I was younger. I guess that is a part of learning and growing. Why do we find one person fighting against another so exciting? People get so worked up over this. Why can’t people just enjoy watching the game? Sports are for both the fan and the player. It is meant to be fun and a distraction from all the crap in the world. So why do we get so involved in it to the point where someone gets hurt? Is it worth a friendship or even upsetting someone for just a moment to gain a moment of victory? I do not believe so.

So to end this I would like to state that I am an odd person. In my football rivalries I hold tight to the Bedlam match up with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, the Civil War with Oregon and Oregon State and The Red River Shoot Out with Oklahoma and Texas. When it comes to the Oklahoma and Oregon teams I will cheer on all four teams until they battle it out. Being from both of those states I have a connection with the teams. Texas I will never have a love for them. I will go for any team that plays Texas. I can’t stand them and will never go for them even if they are the Big 12 team in the National Championship. I will never show disrespect when it comes to a hurt player. I am not one to hope they stay hurt because they are a Longhorn. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.


I felt inspired to write this as I was watching the Baylor Bears at Oklahoma State Cowboys game. I posted on my personal Facebook about the Cowboys doing so good as a Sooners fan. Someone commented says great sportsmanship. I then thought of the bashing of teams so I decided to write. So congrats to the Cowboys for doing what Oklahoma could not do!  


About Brother Stevo

I was born and raised in Yukon, Oklahoma. I moved from Oklahoma City to Portland, Oregon in 2006 where I later moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon. I lived there until the fall of 2013. I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I am married and have two awesome kids. I love music, sports, and playing videogames when I am not blogging, reading and researching. I am attending school online at Full Sail University and working on my BS Degree in Sports Marketing and Public Relations.

I am a Christian of the Mormon Faith. If you think what I just said is an oxymoron then you should read my blogs and listen to my POD casts. I also welcome anyone to do the same no matter what you believe. Just to make it clear. My mission is NOT to convert you into the LDS church. My mission is to reach people and give them a chance to think about what they believe. It is up to the individual to make the personal decision what they believe and how and where they worship.  

I have been a Christian all of my life but since 2006 I have been searching for God and trying to obtain all He has for me. Since 2011 I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to share my experiences with anyone who will listen. I have seen a lot of things and I want to reach out to people and be real with them. Why? All it takes is for one person to step out of the shadows and say I love you just as you are! Need someone to talk to? I am here to listen. Oh and for the love of God do not judge them. They get enough of that from “Christians” as it is.

 I leave you with lyrics from the Brian HEAD Welch song “Die Religion Die” which is “Go into the World and Destroy Hell. You Have the Authority. Use It for the Kill”. These lyrics by HEAD speak a lot about how God wants us to live. We do have the authority to go for the kill as they say. We have the power to kill the negativity all around us. It takes boldness to be the light of the world. Let’s take our authority and storm the gates of HELL!



Brother Stevo