My Alpha

So people have quotes and God gave me this one. Only you can define the 5 W’s of your faith. Now I am going to explain this even tho it may seem obvious what this means.

Who do you have faith in?

What do you believe?

Where do you worship?

When do you practice your faith?

Why do you practice it?

These 5 things define what your spirituality is all about. I know that beliefs are important to you and at some point you come to a place where you have to defend what you believe. It can be hard to defend something you are not sure about. My whole life has been centered around the question of What would God do if He saw you doing X, Y, Z? My mother always asked me that question even before the late 90’s fad of What Would Jesus Do? I have always wrestled with what I believed but I always knew that I believed that God is real and Jesus is His Son which he sent to die for my sins. Things like church doctrines and theology were so confusing because people made it that way.

When I was a teenager I felt that God was calling me to become a youth pastor. I knew that I was born to help people but didn’t know how to go about it. Later in life I came to the understanding that the calling I thought I had was because I looked up to a few youth pastors and wanted to fill their shoes. I do feel that God had called me to reach out to people and love them where they are. I also feel that everyone is called to do this because this is one of the things Jesus did. Since the fall of 2000 I have felt lead to write a book and call it The Book of Stevo. I find humor in this because I am not a writer and I really don’t like to read very much outside of entertainment and current events.

Since I love to be on the internet and social media so much I have felt that God gave me this passion to use it for His glory so I have started to write this book and post my entries on my online blog. Also I use Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get messages and my blog out to the digital world. I am excited to be able to follow what God told me He wanted me to do. The other part of the book title which is “The Life and Teachings of Brother Stevo” means that I also write about my life. So you will find writings about random things that have nothing to do with religion or theology.

Thank you for taking the time to read these writings. I hope that they make you laugh, cry and go buck wild which means for somebody or something to go crazy in some way. Can be used to describe a person going crazy but not in a sexual way because that would be odd…..


Brother Stevo-


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