Rants of Cypie Chapter 3

Imagine a picture that is split in half. The left side has a picture that has a foot of Jesus stopping on the head of the Devil that says “1. Stop him Jesus”. Then on the right side of the picture has a shadow of the Devil that says “2. Let him loose”. Now you are to click 1 or 2 in the comment section below on this Facebook post. Here is the rant that came from this post.

 I do not like this concept for the simple reason that Jesus did not die for us, nor did he come to this earth for us to sit back and let him do all the work. Jesus never once said that he would stop the devil from coming against you, but rather, we are the ones that are supposed to make him run from us. James 4:7 says “resist the devil and he will flee from you,” not “call on Jesus and the devil will flee from you.” This requires YOU to actually do something. Jesus wants us to have abundant life. In order to have that, we have got to have the courage to stand up for ourselves.

If we cower in a corner and call for Jesus to bail us out every time Satan starts messing with us, we will never have abundant life, because once he knows what we will do and knows that it will keep us down, he will be more persistent than a newborn baby wanting its way. Someone tell me I’m wrong here. I know I’m not, but if you disagree with me, show me something to support your side.

Until then, I choose number 2. Bring it on, I’ve got nothing better to do than have a good life. I know what I’m made of, I know I’m one of God’s children, so bring it. Show me what you’ve got. If it is too much for me to handle, then I know God will GIVE ME THE STRENGTH to handle it myself, he won’t just step in and say “oh, leave Jason alone, you’re too much for him devil.” No. He will show me that I am able to do anything because he made me to overcome every evil this world has to offer. So here’s my answer again: 2.


Rants of Cypie Chapter 2

In a picture posted on Facebook imagine a cluster of four pictures. Three of them are a picture of Jesus from the movie “The Passion of the Christ” that say “Like” and there is one picture that has a demon that says “Ignore”. The concept of this is to get people to like the picture to get exposer for their site but also to get people to think about life after death. If you like Jesus then you go to Heaven but if you ignore it you will go to Hell. Here is where the Rant of Cypie starts.


Can anyone tell me how this makes sense? This kind of post is just ridiculous. According to the question it posts and the choices it gives you, if you don’t respond…, then you’re going to hell. Where in the bible does it say that I have to like a post on facebook to go to heaven? “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” I am all for using facebook as a means to spread the message, but come on. Why make people feel like they have to do something this ridiculous in order to be with Jesus. “The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.” Anyone catch that? “The GIFT,” that’s it. You do not have to do anything but accept the gift. This post would be all well and good if it didn’t make it seem like you were going to hell for not responding. This is just my opinion I guess. Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?

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Rants of Cypie Chapter 1

Here is a little something to make nearly every person I know freak out. “You shall have NO other gods before me.” I can tell you right now that if I were to throw a bible across the room or slam it on the ground and stomp on it, every one …of you would flip out and immediately think “blasphemy.” Sadly, the opposite is true. The Bible, while a major source of information about our God, is still just a book.
I have heard a question asked by several people: of you could only have one, which would you choose; the Bible or prayer? I have heard many people respond with “the Bible.” For those that choose this, answer me this one question: can the Bible save you? True, the same can be asked about prayer, but the difference between the two is that prayer is a direct link to God. And any time you talk to God it is through prayer. So while prayer itself does not save you, it does allow you to talk to God and to Jesus, who died to save you.
The point of this is that the Bible can be a god just as much as anything else can be. If you cry blasphemy over something happening to a bible, you are making that book a god. Period. There is nothing wrong with valuing the Bible above other books. I realized how the Bible can be a good the day I came home from a friend’s to find that my daughter had torn several pages out of my bible. I became quite angry and flipped out myself. Then, it hit me. It is a book, the good book, but a book none the less.
Loving an inanimate object is preposterous. God is the one that deserves love. Living things deserve love. Loving a bible is no different than loving a chair or dirt or a computer desk. It is time for Christians to stop following blind doctrine and use their heads. Read the Bible, I know, backwards after this post, but it tells you God’s laws and how to be a true Christian. But remember, it is still just a book.
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Rants of Cypie Intro

Rants of Cypie are a series of rants that have been made on Facebook about various “like this picture of Jesus or burn in hell” kind of posts. My good friend and brother from another mother Jason Cypert is the person that has created these rants. I asked him if I could post these rants on my blog and in my book he gladly gave me permission to do so. I did not want to post this content and take the credit even if he did not want any credit. So he gets his own book in The Book of Stevo.
So every time I title a blog “Rants of Cypie Chapter #” you will know what the writing is about. As all of the books in the Book of Stevo feel free to comment your thoughts. I write not only to blog but in hopes of helping people think.
Brother Stevo

Social Media is Fun

Why do people have to think their views on God is better than your own? I have a few friends that really do not like the spiritual path that my family and I are on with the LDS church. To the point that one person said “It breaks my heart to see you sucked in by a lie. I have to believe that somewhere deep within, you know better”. This person if nothing else inspired me to make an entry which I have not done in quite some time. This is the kind of thing I get from my friends that are religion majors and are either pastors or have the training to be one.

All I did was post on my Facebook page about how awesome the LDS church was that they offer every text, references, study books and everything the church prints for the members for free all on one app. I said something about how awesome it was that the church did not charge for these things and there is no paid clergy. In this post I asked for negative comments to be sent to me in a message. Good thing I did that because here is what I got. Again I do not use the name of my friends that I have conversations with in respect for their privacy.

“Steve, you already know where I stand on the issue, but you are propagating a church which teaches a false gospel. Not sure how you got sucked back in after God had apparently pulled you out (or at least attempted to). I know this for certain; a true believer should not be a part of any organization which defames the name of Jesus by demoting him from his place as God (the only God in the universe) who put skin on. It breaks my heart to see you sucked in by a lie. I have to believe that somewhere deep within, you know better.”

When this person says they thought I was leaving the church I was in this place before I moved to Charlotte that I didn’t know where I stood with the church. Guess this person didn’t know anything after that. I really do not know how to think about this. It seems like every time I post something about my views I get feedback like this. Sometimes it is people fighting in my comments section. Sometimes it is not even about religion. It can be something as simple as music. So maybe I am meant to be a person that starts debates. I’m really not sure.

Why does something like religion and politics drive people to a place where if they do not like how someone believes or feels they have to get all crazy like this? I understand in this example the person is trying to be loving and follow their heart. This person is looking out for my wellbeing as a Christian that has chosen what the Protestant church would call going to another religion or even into a cult. I am carful with everything I learn and read. I research a lot.

My family is on a great course. We are saying our prayers every morning and every night as a family. We are in the word more and spend more time together. IF it was not for being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I do not think all these things would be going on. This spiritual journey is bettering our lives in more ways than one. There is more to this conversation but I really do not want to go into it at this time. I am happy right where I am. Maybe I should stick to no posting LDS stuff on my page or should I kick “friends” like this off my Facebook?


I want to hear your response to what my friend has said and what I should do about this. Thanks and God bless!