Female Priesthood Holders…..

The LDS church have been asked by various people in the media what the disciplinary actions were going to be for the protesters. Here is the official statement from mormonnewsroom.org  

Since many of my blogs have to do with the Latter Day Saints I feel that it is my turn to share my thoughts on this idea of women being able to hold the priesthood. I really do not understand what the big deal is. I mean I have only been a member of the church for about 2 years now. I really did not know this was a true issue until the last few General Conferences where church leaders have spent some time on the subject. In the HBO series Big Love, Bill’s first wife Barb really felt that she should hold the priesthood and this was the first time I had really heard about women wanting to be able to have the priesthood. I mean there is a lot that women can do within the church.

Also if a woman is married then she also already has the priesthood in regards to the fact that when husband and wife become one they share in everything. I would understand if this was about women being able to preach, teach and hold offices within the church but this is not the case in the LDS church. All members are called to be missionaries. Women have many roles within the church. If they really feel that they need this then I agree with a comment made in a Facebook post I saw which says ” If you truly believed that the church was run by men called of God who work with God, you wouldn’t feel the need to change anything” 

So these protesters are making a name for themselves but what they fail to understand is that they have been giving the LDS church negative news exposure. We have enough of that already with out these ladies going to the New Your Times trying to get their story heard. What in the world do they think the New Your Times is going to be able to do? I mean will all of this bull butter change God’s mind to ordain women as priests? I believe they have gone to the wrong place to get their answers. These gals should take the advice of their local church leaders I mean come on that is why they are there in the first place. 

I invite you to read the article I have linked at the top of this page and then comment about it and anything else you would like below. In the article the church states how they will handle these protesters. Do you think they are too harsh or is the church leadership right on? They have been asked many times to not protest yet they do. Thanks for taking the time to read The Book of Stevo Blog! 



Brother Stevo-







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