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Why is there so much confusion in the midst of Christian VS Mormon views? One says temples are needed and others say they are not. One says the temples are used  primarily for proxy work for the dead. The other says thus not biblical.

Paul even mentions baptism for the dead once in his writings. So this tells me that at some point it was a common practice in his time. So something is not adding up.

This us just a journal blog so don’t come at me like a spider monkey and tell me my thoughts do not line up with the Bible. I’m human and that is my right. I do welcome thoughts. I like thoughts. 🙂

blog, church, God, Jesus Christ, LDS, Mormon, Theology

I’m Good Yet Not

Hey there it’s been a while since I have made a blog on The Book of Stevo.  I have been going through some ups and downs as to what I wanted to do with this blog.

At first it was a journey for my journey down the LDS faith along with Christian topics. I have always felt that I was to write a book and call it The Book of Stevo. Well when I started to write that book I hit a stumbling block.  I really do not know where to start.

I want this blog and the book to impact people but how can it when I am not a famous person. How would the hype grow for what I do? Well I am just going to wait until I feel inspired to write. As for my LDS journey things are picking up.

I now have a good friend that I can talk to about the faith and ask any questions I need to. This is great. I am going through the  priesthood class right now and then after I am given the higher priesthood the next step is endowments and becoming sealed.

I’m a bit nervous about all this so I am sure I will document this journey from time to time. Well that’s all for now.