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Abusing the Gospel

Here is a post I made on Facebook asking how do I come to terms of being gay and Mormon. If you feel that I am out of context or if I am on to something feel free to Comment.

” Well I would think that first you would need to come to terms with who you are as a person first. Religion should not make the person. Religion is a choice. That is why Heavenly Father gave us agency or free will to choose how we live. Who we are is what is built in us. IF being attracted to the same sex is where your life brings you then you need to except that even if others dont. God is all knowing and He knows you better than you do. So however God created you live in that. Straight, bi or otherwise.  Then you choose which path way to the father YOU feel is right. Worship where and how you choose. The haters can kick rocks!  God will judge the people that abuse the gospel … coming from a Mormon.. “

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