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Fall General Blog 14

The Lord has laid on my heart to share this word with you. The Latter Day Saints are holding their fall General Conference this weekend. So I felt led to share with you that God loves everyone.

He doesn’t care what you look like, who your attracted to or even what church you attend. What He cares about is you. He wants you to trust in Him and not in the religious actions done by people.

Jesus didn’t tell the tax collector to stop doing his job. He didn’t walk outside of the temple walls and call every person out for their sins or sickness. Jesus went and showed us how to live our lives.

The religious teachers were more worried about keeping their place as High Priests so they abused their power and the teachings of Moses. They forgot how to love. Don’t be the religious teachers. Be like Jesus and love as He does.

For the record I am not trying to say that the LDS church is like the religious teachers. I can see someone asking this question.  I just felt that the church was holding a conference so I would blog to prepare people and myself for it.

I invite you to listen to apart of the conference this weekend if you have never taken the time to watch it. You do not need to be a member of the church.  This is a good time to learn more about the church. Don’t take other people’s words and thoughts about Mormons. Take the time to educate yourself before judging other people’s church and way of life.

Steve Voe☆

Visit for links to watch the General Conference.


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