4-13-16 Update

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I have posted on The Book of Stevo. There has been a lot of things going on in my life.

I have been doing a lot of reading and YouTube searching and I have a lot to share with you all. I cannot wait to share some of the ideas I have stumbled upon. Also I will revisit sof my personal journal writings from my reading times.

I cannot believe I have had this blog page for 4 years now. I am excited to see where this will be in a year from now. I hope that my next blog will be jammed pack with a lot of content for you to read and pray about.

Brother Stevo

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January 1971 Ensign Part 1

Message from the First Presidency.

When you truly love, you will receive in return. In the days when Joseph Smith lived, other churches asked him why he was able to follow him even with all of the suffering they were going through. He responded  saying “because I possess the principle of love. Also I can offer the world a good heart and a good hand.”

God’s Kingdom: A Kingdom of Order.

The principles of the Lord Jesus Christ are divine.

And the Deaf Shall Hear. 

This is a story about a child that had a life goal of becoming a missionary but had been told it may be hard due to his handy cap. Here is apart of the article.

Clarke, our second son, has had a lifelong goal of serving a mission for the Church, but because he has been deaf since birth, we felt that this was not a realistic goal. As we tried to explain to him that it might not be possible for him to fill a mission, he sometimes answered, “You have taught me all my life to have faith;now where is your faith?”

Because of this child’s faith the church now offers opportunities for people with hearing issues to be missionaries in the church.

The Church and It’s Magazines. 

This section speaks about the history of the church’s magazines as of 1972.

“On April 19, 1843, the Prophet Joseph Smith was giving instructions to the Twelve. To Brother Taylor he said:“John Taylor, I believe you can do more good in the editorial department than preaching. You can write for thousands to read; while you can preach to but a few at a time. We have no one else we can trust the paperwith. …” (DHC 5:367.) “

Gospel Forum.

“And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.” (D&C 130:18–19.

The Women’s Movement: Liberation or Deception?

“Error, sin, lust, envy, and evil thrive in the midst of today’s prosperity. More than $5 million a year is spenton pornographic literature by which vile men try to “diggold out of dirt.” Magazines, movies, television programs, and other mass media are utilized to lower moral standards and behavior. Crime and spiritual values are questioned. Our interests are centered in ourselves. We are preoccupied with material things. Many of us are more concerned about conquering space than about conquering ourselves. We are more dedicated to material securitythan to inner purity. We give much more thought to what we wear, what we eat, what we drink, and what we can do to relax than we give to what we are.”

I never really thought about all of these issues being in the 1970’s. Being a child of the 80’s I thought all of these issues started in the mid 90’s when I started to see these things unfold.

“From the beginning, the Prophet Joseph Smith recognized the importance of organizing the women of the Church “through the order of the priesthood.” As he did so, the Prophet declared: “… and I now turn the key in your behalf in the name of the Lord, and this Society shall rejoice, and knowledge and intelligence shall flow down from this time henceforth. …” (History of the Church 4:607.) “







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Life Update

Last time I made a blog post I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina. My family and i moved back to Klamath Falls, Oregon March of 2015. Since our move I took a break from blogging and going to church. I was burnt out of going to church. There are many reasons why but I will not post them today. Two weeks before Christmas we started attending our original ward which is the First Ward in the Klamath Falls Branch.

To be honest we attended our old Christian Church many times through out our return to town. The reason is because we were trying to figure out if we wanted continue our path in the LDS church. One night we prayed together as a family. We asked God if he would show us an answer as to which church we should go to. Yeah I know that it sounds very LDS-ish but we really had a hard time figuring out how we felt about the subject. The next 24 hours were crazy.

My wife and I both woke up with a message in our Facebook Messenger. Two members from our Charlotte Ward messaged us to see how we were doing. From March until late December we have not heard a word from any members. After these we had a few more members from various locations reach out to us. Again we had zero contact with members since we left back in March.

I have been doing a lot of You Tub viewing about the church. Yes I have viewed things linked to the church and non church videos. I am not afraid to research and try to balance both sides. I am kind like Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movie. I am pulled by both side of the force or in this case Theology. Now that I have been praying, reading and You Tubing I have decided that 2016 I will be my year of rebuilding my personal and spiritual life.

I plan to do something different this time. I will only research and view things that are Pro Mormon. I have researched more of the anti- Mormon stuff than the things defending it. Many of my blog posts will be my journey through Building a Better Me.




No More Christian Metal!?

Please Read ARTICLE first! Thanks!

Imprisoned As I Lay Dying Frontman Admits to Faking Christianity for Sales

There are a lot of metal heads that feel that Christian bands should not be in their scene. I believe that they have a valid point to some extent. To me metal is an extreme way to communicate ones passions and opinions. Just like any other music styles, metal has a ton of sub categories. My friend Jason was the one that turned me on to this thing called metal and later became a on air personality on a overnight Christian Metal show called Nitetime 91 on KOKF 91 FM in Oklahoma City. Since I used to spin Christian Metal for a living I would like to share my thoughts on this Billboard article.

The metal scene is not the only one that has an issue with the title “Christian” lingering in the classification. Many people feel that they need to add the word Christian to reach the listeners that are of the Christian faith. Realistically I feel that that this could be a bad marketing idea in the long run. Yes the Christian industry is huge but look at who has their hands in most of the labels. That’s right the mainstream, earthly and ungodly record labels. Even tho it is Christian it still in the world. I never said that Christian music should not be in the market. All I am saying let metal be metal and rap be rap.

Bands such as For Today, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch and Brian HEAD Welch’s band Love and Death are known as Christian artists and have mad respect in their categories for the most part. Why is this? Is it because they are labeled as a Christian band or is it because their lyrics and actions sale the music? I believe it is a little of both. All of these bands except Love and Death started out at the bottom sacrificing so much to live their dreams of reaching people. They brought a message of love to a lost and hurting world. They used Christianity as their outlet to do so. Skillet and TFK were two of the most popular bands in the Christian market when I was a DJ. They played some of the best shows I had ever seen yet many of my friends did not know who they were. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears they became recognized by the mainstream labels which meant better venues and better publicity.

For Today also started of small when they were signed to Facedown Records. They toured with all types of rock and metal bands. Everywhere they performed they always had a message before, during and after their set. I had the privilege of hosting For Today along with A Plea for Purging and War of Ages about 5 years ago with my friends Sean and Joe back in Klamath Falls, Oregon. That show was amazing. When For Today hit the stage one of the band members started talking about life and Jesus Christ. Some of the kids in the pit were yelling things like ‘hail Satan” and “God sucks” and others were clapping and cheering him on. This is the reason why CHRISTIAN music should be around. Not to make money but to be a light in the places that are dark. I know that some of the kids were doing it because they wanted to be stupid but it was also a cry for help. Which I know that this is why bands like For Today are around. To be a positive role model in a music scene that sometimes has a lot of negative. 

So when the news broke awhile back about what happened with Tim Lambesis I was like most people that have been a apart of the Christian Metal. What he did gave Christianity another punch in the face. The Christian faith has enough flack as it is. We really did not need this. More importantly his family didn’t need this. His actions will be pin pointed as a reason why Christians are fake in their faith. People need to realize that we are all human and make stupid choices regardless who we call god.  

So what are your thoughts? Should music just be music? Would you listen to Christian Country, Christian EDM or even Christian Classical? Should artists drop the Christian title like Switch Foot did and keep on with their message? I am not saying there should not be any style of music called Christian. That is what Contemporary Christian Music is for. The slow stuff like Casting Crowns, Thirday and Newsboys. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment! 


Old School Journal Entries

I decided to post some of my hand written journal entries that I started when I first moved to Charlotte, NC. I hope that this blog will give you an idea of what kind of person I am. Thank you for taking the time to read this and other blog posts. Please if you like any of my content please subscribe to The Book of Stevo. Thank you!



So it is our first day here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This city is so nice. It would be better if I wasn’t so sick. People here are so nice. Rent a Center and Time Warner Cable showed up at the same time. All three of the employees were very nice and shot the breeze with us. Our plan is to visit downtown Charlotte tomorrow. The only real downside to our place is that we live next to a very active train track. I cannot wait to finish my school work. I may have to restart due to the move. God has really had His hand in our move.


Ok. It has been longer than I wanted since my last post. Church is good. We are LDS. We have decided once we came out to North Carolina we would try it one more time. I mean a few weeks before we moved from Klamath we attended our Ward and Faith Tabernacle. We really did not want to church shop. We have noticed that there are so many churches in Charlotte. People here are so nice. People from our Ward have given us a lot of things that we needed since we moved here only in our Jeep Cherokee. I am still unsure about Joseph Smith being a prophet but I am sure that the church is truly of the Christian faith. Many churches do not have the traits that our church has. School is going well. I am at the end of week one and class number two.

The class is called Phycology of Play and I am starting to wonder what I gotten into. I just want to start working in the sport field. These classes are so dull. I feel that these classes are for kids’ right out of high school. I mean I know that many of the students are fresh out of high school but there are many students like myself that are older. The way the classes seem to be presented seem to be on a lower level. I am thankful for this due to my learning style but I am paying more for these classes than I did while attending Warner Pacific College. I believe Warner was a lot more changing than Full Sail University. Maybe this is because Warner was a religious school? Well time to cook dinner.


Once again it has been awhile. This is the week of Thanksgiving. Starting today I will use my journal as a place to log my reading notes. I am excited to be able to look back at this and see all that I have learned about the LDS faith along with how my spiritual walk has grown. I will start with some teaching from Joseph Smith. He teaches that 3 Nephi 11:14-17 says that when Christ returns the nail scars will be a witness agents the Jews and their fathers of their stubbornness for not following Him. So to me Joseph Smith felt that the Jews who sent Jesus to the cross and not the Romans. This is crazy because I have noticed that many people to this day feel the same way.


Today is Thanksgiving Day. Andrea cooked her first turkey ever and it was amazing. We also had the missionaries over for dinner. I watched a few videos today about Free Masonry. I like to watch things like this and the illuminati. As I was watching these videos the spirit hit me with a question. Did Joseph Smith know about the plans about the New World Order that the Free Masons and illuminati were coming planning? There is a lot of documentations online that support Joseph Smith was a Master Mason and reached the highest degree within a short period of time. Why would he then turn around and leave to continue pursuing the path God had given him? So I Google searched Joseph Smith Illuminati and sure enough I was not the only one who thought it.

One video really stood out to me. This video mentioned that at one time Mormons could not Free Masonry and Masons could not join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This person brought up a good question. Did Joseph Smith leave the Masons because he wanted nothing to do with the illuminati or was he one of the key people they were going to use pull Christians away from the common Christian views and practices? All that I can say is that the time periods are dead on from when Joseph Smith left the Masons and introduced key parts of temple endowments which some say are a lot like Mason practices. After doing some LDS church history I cannot see Joseph Smith leading people down a road of persecution and being forced out of cities and states. Joseph Smith even went through a lot of personal hell because of the things he was teachings. You would think that if he really didn’t think what he was teaching was truth he would have stopped and he could have prevented his young death. Maybe the leech mobs wanted him dead because he knew what the government was up to.